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Policies, Terms & Conditions

Distribution - Nationwide The Supply Store products are sold exclusively through a world- wide network of selected Electrical Distributors and Wholesalers located throughout the United States.

Acceptance - No order shall be binding upon Nationwide accepted and acknowledged in writing by NTSS at its home office in Pasadena, California. Any contract for sale of goods, and these Conditions of Sale, shall be governed by and construed according to the Uniform Commercial Code as adopted in the State of California.

Delivery - The estimated shipping date is based on production time required to process the order commencing with the date the order is received. In the event it is necessary to revise the design, specifications, or Conditions of Sale, the shipping date shall be automatically extended by the period of time required to achieve the mutually agreed upon connections or adjustments of the design, specifications, or Conditions of Sale.

Delays in Delivery - Purchaser shall not hold NTSS’s responsible for any delay or for any damages suffered by purchaser due to fires, strikes, riots, acts of God, priorities, government orders or restrictions, delays in transportation, delays of suppliers of materials or parts, inability to obtain necessary labor, or other causes beyond the control of Nationwide. In the event of such delay, the shipping date shall be extended for a period equal to the time lost because of such delay.

Damage or Loss in Transit - Delivery of goods to a carrier at NTSS’s store or other shipping point shall constitute delivery to purchaser; and regardless of freight payment, all risk of loss or damage in transit shall pass to purchaser at that time. Purchaser shall make claims for loss or damage to goods while in transit against the carrier; Nationwide will assist purchaser in securing satisfactory adjustment of such claims.

Prices - The prices shown online may not match a price in a store; the prices from this website are solely for online transaction only. Nationwide the supply store strives to provide accurate pricing information, but sometimes an error may occur.  NTSS reserves the right to cancel or adjust prices and delivery.




No allowance will be made for cartage at destination.


Catalog Weight and Dimensions - Catalog weights and dimensions are careful estimates, but are not guaranteed.


Cancellation - Orders for normal quantities of standard listed goods may be canceled without charge if written instructions are received at the store in time to stop shipment. Cancellation of orders for custom goods or standard goods in quantities larger than normal, which are in the process of manufacture, will be accepted with the understanding that NTSS will be reimbursed for expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation.

Returned Goods - Authorization and shipping instructions for the return of any goods must be obtained from the Purchasing Distributor from Nationwide first; otherwise, shipment will be refused. Only unused goods of current design manufactured by NTSS will be considered for return.

If goods are in saleable condition, a minimum restocking charge of 35% plus a 2% multi-product charge, plus all transportation charges paid by NTSS will be deducted from our Credit Memorandum on the returned goods. Transportation charges on the returned goods must be prepaid. Any cost in excess of 25% restocking charge incurred in placing the goods in saleable condition will be charged to the Purchaser by a corresponding deduction from the allowed credit. Goods returned for credit must be carefully packed so as to reach the company without damage.

Goods built to customer specifications cannot be returned for credit. If the return of our goods is made necessary through some fault of NTSS, full credit will be allowed, including whatever transportation expense the purchaser may have incurred, provided that the return has been authorized by NTSS and is in accordance with the shipping instructions. No credit memorandum will be issued where the net amount involved is less than $25.00, except where an error made by the Company is being corrected.

Taxes and Other Charges - Any manufacturers tax, retailers occupation tax, use tax, sales tax, excise tax, duty, custom, inspection or testing fee, or other tax, fee or charge of any nature whatsoever, imposed by any governmental authority on or measured by any transaction between NTSS and purchaser, shall be paid by purchaser in addition to the prices quoted or invoiced.

Consequential Damages - Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, NTSS shall not be liable for any consequential, contingent or incidental damages, whatsoever.

Penalty Clause - No penalty clause of any description, in any specification or order, will be effective unless approved in writing over the signature of an officer of the company.


Errors - All clerical errors are subject to correction.

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